Thought Industries is the world’s leading learning technology company. It powers the learning business and helps Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike implement learning strategies. Its flexible plans and artificial intelligence technology enable rapid time-to-value. Read on to learn more about Thought Industries and how you can benefit from its products.

Thought Industries is the world’s #1 software platform for customer learning management

With the customer learning cloud, organizations can create and share a seamless learning experience across any device. The Customer Learning Cloud offers customizable front-end learning experiences, industry-first technologies, embedded learning, and curated insights via third-party software. It also supports multiple delivery milestones and enables e-commerce flexibility.

Thought Industries has built its learning platform to give companies complete control over how their content is structured and delivered. Its drag-and-drop page builder and responsive interface make it easy to optimize sites and learning materials for any screen size. It also provides total course customization, letting you create eBooks, videos, and presentations.

Thought Industries provides an enterprise-grade learning business platform that has powerful cloud-based tools for managing the learning process for companies of all sizes. The software supports multiple learning areas, including professional training, consumer education, and extended enterprise training. Thought Industries makes it easy to build engaging websites and interactive courses, and distribute high-quality learning materials and content to customers.

Thought Industries offers the #1 customer learning management platform. The company’s executives have even co-authored a book that will help companies make the best use of the software. The Customer Education Playbook is expected to be published in April 2022. It’s based on their own experiences and recommendations.

The company has 2,000+ customers and 450 team members worldwide. It has an award-winning technology platform and an extensive network of partners. It also has an eCommerce app to sell courses, subscriptions, and pay-as-you-go plans. The platform is compatible with Shopify and Stripes and supports PayPal and other payment methods.

Its artificial intelligence technology accelerates time-to-value

AI-driven innovations can make a big impact for your business. Companies are adopting AI to improve automation and reduce general hiring needs, but there’s a catch: AI talent is scarce and expensive. Almost half of companies are slowing down their AI efforts due to this issue. This shortage is a challenge, but there are ways to overcome it.

AI-based systems can make complex data actionable. In today’s world, most companies are drowning in data, much of it unstructured. AI can wade through this data and bring relevant data in front of decision-makers. It can also be applied to a holistic approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. For example, a business could start with one facility’s carbon footprint and scale up over time to include other ESG factors.

In addition to AI-powered applications, companies can also use artificial intelligence in other business processes. AI-driven solutions can improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve relationships with customers. For example, chatbots can understand and answer questions for companies. They can even be trained to improve with time.

AI-driven systems can also be used in call centers. Some companies have used this technology to take notes on phone calls and use speech recognition technology to generate detailed scripts of dialogues. This kind of technology can be useful for call centers, which are a huge market that needs better technology. Another company using AI-based solutions is Nuro, which makes small electric delivery trucks. Its founders came from Google’s Waymo self-driving car program. Their goal is to make robotics a part of everyday life.

AI-based solutions can help companies answer their ROI questions. With new assessment methods that capture “soft” costs and returns, companies can make better predictions about the ROI of AI-based initiatives. In addition, AI simulations can help companies model uncertainties related to their new initiatives.

Its branded experience

Thought Industries helps organizations create successful customer and partner relationships by creating unique learning experiences. These experiences are tailored to the individual, team, industry, geography, and subject matter. Thought Industries’ branded experience includes the ability to upload your logo and customize every aspect of the experience, from the landing page to the dashboard and email settings.

Thought Industries offers several plans that differ based on the number of courses and number of learners. Its Launch plan includes one branded site and up to 10 courses for up to 1000 learners, while its Enterprise plan provides unlimited courses for an unlimited number of learners. The enterprise plan is perfect for larger companies with corporate training needs. Customers include for-profit training organizations, Active Interest Media, Bio-Therapeutic, and Northstar Travel Group.

Thought Industries’ LMS allows its users to customize learning paths, making the learning experience more relevant and engaging. It has built-in course builder functionality, social learning capabilities, gamification, and digital coaching. This allows for an optimal learning experience, even for those who cannot attend live classes.

Thought Industries provides a cloud-based learning platform for its customers. Its software is designed to support multiple learning domains, including professional training and consumer education. The company’s software also provides an easy-to-use platform for business-to-business learning. This means less training time and increased profitability.

Thought Industries is a leading SaaS company. It recently announced the launch of Banyan Success Training, a full-service patient experience service for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Banyan can help healthcare providers expand their digital presence and retain patients. By incorporating an interactive customer experience, Banyan can increase time-to-value and reduce churn.

Its flexible plans

Thought Industries offers several plans, which vary based on the number of courses and learners. The Launch plan, for example, includes a single branded website with up to 10 courses, and access for 1000 learners. The next level up is the Enterprise plan, which is designed for companies that want to reach a large, corporate audience. Some of the companies that use Thought Industries as their learning platform include Northstar Travel Group, Active Interest Media, and Bio-Therapeutic.

In addition to the flexible plans, Thought Industries offers customizable options and features. Its Reporting Hub empowers customers to choose metrics and customize reports based on their goals. This helps customers make informed decisions about their learning programs and meet their business objectives. It also offers executive dashboards and analytics that help customers track learning and performance metrics.

Thought Industries is a privately held company with offices in Boston, Massachusetts. Its mission is to build a platform that helps organizations grow revenue, increase customer loyalty, and ensure the success of their customers. The company was founded in 2012 and is now one of the fastest-growing e-learning companies in the world. It believes that the best learning experience is modern, scalable, and user-friendly. Its customers can access the platform 24 hours a day.

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