One of the most important things that you must learn when it comes to how to make a 3-pointer is how to grip the ball. Unlike traditional shots, a 3-pointer should be shot with the fingers of the dominant hand pointing down toward the floor. In addition to this, you must practice from both sides of the 3-point line so that you can perfect your shot from either location.

Dribble the ball until you’re between the cones

To improve your 3-point shooting ability, dribbling the ball is a crucial skill. This skill requires conditioning and practice. It requires your entire body to work in unison with the ball, so practicing dribbling drills is necessary. The best way to practice dribbling is to use a basketball and two cones.

Place two or three cones about three yards apart. This will make it easy for you to get into a rhythm. When you’re dribbling between the cones, you’ll get one critical bounce.

The goal of this dribbling drill is to improve your body positioning. Place the cones approximately one foot apart. Start by dribbling the ball until you’re between the cones. Try to make as many small touches as possible without chasing it.

Practicing dribbling drills helps you develop your shooting range. It’s important to remember that dribbling requires the ability to change directions. It’s important to be fluid and quick when dribbling to protect the ball from your opponent. You can also use a jump stop to maintain control.

Dribble the ball until you’re in between the cones and then release it. This exercise helps you develop split-second timing, agility and quick recovery. Learning how to dribble the ball properly is one of the foundations of learning how to play basketball.

This drill is very similar to the “Circles” drill. You dribble the ball with your head up while doing this exercise. Make sure to use both hands to dribble the ball. This drill is great for improving your ball handling skills and speed. You can even time the drill to see whether your dribbling technique is improving.

This dribbling drill focuses on quick touches and is great for developing the dribbling skills of young players. It also builds awareness and makes players more consistent under pressure. It will also improve your ball connection.

The main aim of this dribbling drill is to improve your ball handling under pressure. During the drill, players must keep their head up, make quick touches and return the ball to the first cone in the fastest possible time. This drill will also help players improve their focus, concentration and physical fitness.

For this drill, you should have a partner and use both hands. In order to improve passing accuracy, you can also reduce the distance between the cones. The goal is to get the ball through the cones as quickly as possible, so that your opponent’s shot is more likely to miss. If you practice this drill regularly, it will help you develop your shooting accuracy.

Alternatively, you can set up cones on the court. Place the cones on each side of the lane. Dribble the ball until you’re between the cones, using both hands. As you dribble the ball between the cones, use your body to make a move that will allow you to cross the defender’s legs. This drill will also help you develop your court vision.

10 reps without a basketball

You can train your hand to shoot a 3 pointer by performing shooting drills. Shooting drills are highly beneficial to develop your shooting skill because they train rhythm, fluidity, coordination and arc. In addition, they can also teach you the proper release of the ball.

The lateral lunge mimics the basketball’s standard defensive shuffle. It works the muscles in the groin and hips. To perform the lateral lunge, stand with your left leg straight, and lift your right leg up while keeping your left leg straight. Hold this position for two seconds, and then repeat the movement with your opposite arm.

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