If you want to hook your PlayStation 3 to the internet, you can easily do so using Xfinity Wi-Fi or your Cable modem. After connecting to the Internet, you need to turn off the media server connection of your PlayStation. To do this, you need to go to the Internet Connection Settings and click the X button on the controller. If you’ve ever used your PS3 as a media server, you know how frustrating that can be.

Xfinity Wi-Fi

If you have an Xfinity internet plan, you can easily hook up your PS3 to your home network. There are a few steps you need to take in order to do this, though. Once connected, you can browse the internet or play games. Using your internet connection will also keep you from paying for a separate Wi-Fi service for your PS3.

The first step in the process is to connect your PS3 to the Comcast network. Start by logging into the console’s settings and navigating to the wireless settings menu. Select Automatic. Next, choose a password for the network. After you’ve entered a password, your PS3 should be connected.

If you have an Xfinity router, check the blue blinking lights. These lights indicate that the router is in WPS mode. If you don’t see blue blinking lights, it’s not connected to your network. It might take up to 15 minutes, depending on your router. If it takes longer, you can contact Xfinity support.

The next step is to connect your PS3 to your home network. Before you begin, check your network with your Internet service provider. This way, you’ll know if your PS3 is connecting to a secure wireless network. You’ll also be able to communicate with other gamers.

In addition to this, you should check the settings on your router and modem. Depending on the security settings, you may have to give it extra permission before connecting your PS3. You should also choose the Internet Connections tab. Select Enabled. You can also enable the custom settings.

Cable modem

If you want to hook up your PlayStation 3 to the Internet, there are a couple of things that you need to do. First, you will need a cable modem. These are usually provided by your internet service provider, but you can also buy a broadband modem from a retail store. Next, you will need a wireless router, which will share your internet connection with the PS3. You can either choose a wired router or a wireless router.

If your router has a cable connection, you can plug the cable modem into it. It should be close to the PS3 so that it can be close to it. You can also plug your PlayStation 3 into a cable television to connect it to the internet. However, you should always check the modem’s connection with your PS3 to make sure it is working properly.

If you don’t want to buy a separate router, you can simply connect your Playstation 3 to your home WiFi network. Your Internet service provider can also help you set up this connection. Once you’ve done that, go to your Playstation’s network settings and choose the Internet connection. Your PlayStation 3 will then scan for available Wi-Fi access points and connect to them.

Then, turn your PS3 on and navigate to the XCrossMediaBar menu. Select Internet Connection Settings from the XCrossMediaBar. Select the Easy or Wired Connection option. When this option is selected, you will be asked to select Auto-Detect. Next, you will be prompted to save the network configuration.


If you want to hook your PlayStation 3 to the internet, you need to setup UPnP on both your router and PlayStation. This will allow you to create an online play environment. Make sure your router and PlayStation are both up to date. If not, you will need to manually set up UPnP settings.

UPnP is a protocol that is required to connect XBox and Playstation 3 systems to the internet. If your router disables UPnP, it will launch a security investigation. Using UPnP will allow you to play online games without having to worry about firewalls.

Using uPnP to hook up your PlayStation 3 to the internet is easy, and it only takes a few steps. The PlayStation 3 comes with a variety of networking options and protocols. One of these settings is uPNP, which allows you to share media from your computer to your PlayStation 3. For instance, if you have a Windows Media Player, you can access the content from your PC on your PlayStation 3. You can also download other free media servers from the PlayStation Store.

Once you’ve finished configuring your router and PS3, you’re ready to hook up your PS3. The first step is to turn on your wireless router and modem. If you’re using a wireless router, you need to make sure the security settings are set appropriately. Go to the settings menu and click on Internet Connections, then click on Enabled and select Settings.

Turning off PS3 media server connection

If you’ve hooked up your PlayStation 3 to the Internet, you might be wondering how to turn off the media server connection. First, you must make sure that your PS3 is on the home screen, otherwise, you won’t be able to see the media server program. Look for the PS3 Media Server icon in the Applications folder. At first, it won’t have a PS3 icon, but once you select it, you should be able to open it.

If you encounter an error when turning off the media server connection when hooking up your PS3, it might be because the device has not detected the network connection. The PS3 Media Server requires a single active network connection, so you should always make sure that the network connection is active. If the server isn’t found, disconnect the PS from your router. If you have a cable connection, you may have to connect your PS directly to your cable line.

Disabling your system firewall may also fix this issue. To do this, open the control panel and enable network discovery and file & printer sharing. You should see a list of unknown devices, which you can click on. If your PS3 has a unique MAC address, type it in.

You may also want to check the settings of your wireless router and modem. If your router has wireless settings, you can enable them as well. This will enable your PS3 to connect to the internet. Alternatively, you can manually enter the SSID of your wireless router. In either case, you’ll need to select the appropriate encryption settings and enter a secret key.

Using a wireless adapter

The first step in hooking up a PlayStation 3 to the Internet is to connect a wireless adapter to your computer. This is possible by using the wireless router and the Ethernet cable. Make sure that you plug the Ethernet cable into the “WAN” port of the wireless router. If the PS3 isn’t finding a wireless network, try disabling the media server option on the main menu or the menu on the right. If these steps do not work, try unplugging the power cables from the PS3 and retrying the process.

Next, you need to configure your wireless router and modem. Make sure to enable the security settings of your wireless router, and make sure that your router is switched on. Then, go to your Playstation’s settings and select Internet Connection. You’ll need to choose either custom or easy settings.

The process for connecting a PS3 to the Internet through WiFi is similar to the process for setting up a home network using WiFi. You’ll need a WiFi source, such as a wireless router, as well as a wireless PS3. You’ll need to configure the router for your PS3 and enter a passphrase in order to connect to the network. Once connected, you’ll be able to browse the Internet using the PS3 and controller.

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