Skyrim features over 30 different female NPCs who are eligible to get married to your character. There are also non-essential NPC spouses that you can kill to leave your marriage. But how do you get rid of them? The answer to that question lies in using mods.

Gregor is a housecarl

Gregor is a Nord warrior and the personal housecarl of the Thane of the Pale. He is equipped with steel armor, a steel greatsword, and a shield. Unlike the majority of housecarls in Skyrim, he is proficient with both One-handed and Two-handed weaponry.

Gregor can be your companion in Skyrim PS3. He may be a steward, spouse, or follower. As long as he’s level 50 or higher, he should be a good companion to have with you in the game. Make sure to keep health potions in his inventory. He may show up at random places, including Lakeview Manor and Heljarchen Hall. Gregor has default armor when he first appears, but you can upgrade him to wear Daedric armor if you want to be a stronger fighter.

Valdimar is a versatile follower. He can adapt his offensive style to different enemies and can use spells like Turn Undead against draugr. He’s also better at using Light Armor than Heavy Armor. Generally, you should equip Valdimar with Dragonscale or Stalhrim gear. He also makes good use of one-handed weapons. Having a free hand allows him to sling spells.

Stenvar is a mercenary

Stenvar is an excellent warrior with heavy armor and two-handed weapons. The default weapons he carries are a Hunting Bow and an Iron Greatsword. Despite his excellent fighting ability, Stenvar’s most notable flaw is his vulnerability to Dragonborn attacks. Dragonborn attacks can reduce his health, so be prepared for that.

In Skyrim PS3, Stenvar is a Nord warrior and can be found in Windhelm. He lives in the Candlehearth Hall on the second floor. He is a mercenary and can be hired to help you with your quests. You can also recruit him to your Blades or follow you on missions. Having a Dragonborn spouse can give you access to his store, and it will help you collect 100 gold per day. You can sell the goods to him to earn more money.

You can meet Stenvar in a few different places. In Helgen, you can visit the Palace of the Kings and Sadri’s Used Wares. After that, you can follow him to Haemars Cavern, which is located at the dead end of a mountain pass east of Helgen. You can also meet him in Ivarstead, south of Helgen.

Stenvar is a great companion in Skyrim. The game has many decisions to make, including your race, gear, and ammunition. You can also choose to be a follower or a mercenary, which provides you with special advantages and bonuses.

Ysolda is a female NPC

Ysolda is an NPC who owns a small house behind the Cauldron in Arcadia. She sleeps there every night from midnight until eight in the morning. At three o’clock, she heads out to the market, where she can sell her wares. She will then return to her house for an hour of relaxation. During the day, she will patrol the town with a selection of herbs. After eight pm, she will enter the Bannered Mare.

Ysolda is a Nord NPC who is often found near a marketplace or Dragonsreach. She will eventually become a candidate for marriage, but you must be able to find her. She comes across as a bargain hunter and a keen tradeswoman, but she will sometimes exchange hostile words.

Ysolda is a female character from the Skyrim video game. She is a hardworking, determined woman with a strong personality. She is similar to Dragonborn in appearance, but she is also very loyal to her ideals. If you are looking for an NPC companion, Ysolda is the best option.

If you are looking for a partner, Skyrim has plenty of options for romance. There are several NPCs who can be a good match for you, and if you have the right character, you can marry them. However, you should first unlock the Amulet of Mara. You will need this in order to make her a follower.

To get married with Ysolda, you will need to collect the Amulet of Mara and speak with Maramal in Riften. Once you have gotten these two things, you can approach the NPC you want to marry. During the wedding ceremony, you can select a variety of estates and begin your family. After that, you can get married and enjoy the perks of married life.

Argis is a blacksmith

Argis is the strongest and most handsome blacksmith in the game. In order to become Thane in the city of Markarth, you need to help five different civilians. The first quest to accomplish this is to kill the Nimhe spider and give Degaine some water. You’ll also have to kill a few enemies in the Hall of the Dead. Those aren’t too difficult and should be accomplished fairly quickly.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of a Blacksmith job, you can then start crafting weapons and armor. There are also several ways to obtain the skills you need to create items. You can use a blacksmith’s skills in crafting, such as crafting, to make axes. This type of skill is very important in Skyrim, and if you can use it properly, you can use it to repair items and make them last longer.

Quintus Navale is a mercenary

If you are planning to marry Quintus Navale, you can start by doing some quests and completing a couple of important quests. Once you have finished these quests, you will then be able to get married and become a married man. However, before you can get married to Quintus, you will have to find three ingredients. First, you will need a Briar Heart. You can find it near Markarth and in certain alchemy shops.

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