Harden is known for wearing a stubble beard, a beard style that lets your facial hair grow naturally for a few days. A stubble beard is usually around four to five millimeters long. The key to stubble is to keep it well defined around the cheek and neck lines. This means that you should clean shave these areas every other day.

James Harden’s beard is a trademark of Philly

James Harden’s beard is incredibly popular. In fact, Philly is known for its beards. The style was popularized by rapper Freeway, and non-Muslims started growing beards in the 90s. The beard style has become a Philadelphia staple, and Harden has even had barbers in Philadelphia say yes to Harden’s chin mane. While the NBA star does trim his beard occasionally, he typically leaves it fully grown. The beard is a distinctive feature of Harden, and his style is a perfect fit for the City of Brotherly Love.

Harden has made the beard trend a major business venture, and he’s already signed a deal with Ferrara Candy to make a line of beard candies featuring Harden’s face. His media relations team has even started handing out the candy to visiting beat writers. Harden, a six-time All-Star, finished second in the MVP vote in 2017 and won it this past season. He’s also one of the all-time leaders in triple-doubles and 40-point games.

James Harden made his debut in Philly on Wednesday night, leading the 76ers to a 123-108 victory over the New York Knicks. The Sixers have won three straight games with Harden in the lineup and are now legitimate contenders in the Eastern Conference.

Harden also has other businesses. He owns a tequila brand, two restaurants, and a gym. He also ventured into wine production a few years ago. He has collaborated with the winemaker J. Shed to produce a new wine, named James Harden x J Shed. The label features Harden’s likeness and bold colors. The wine is priced between $14 and $18 a bottle.

The beard has a long history in Philadelphia. It stretches back to hip hop. It is considered a symbol of Philadelphia. While some people associate it with basketball, it has been embraced by other sports. It’s even become a part of Philly’s culture.

One of Harden’s biggest flaws is his turnover rate. He averages 5.8 turnovers per game. That’s more than any other active player in the league. The number is close to being too close to call at this point. However, Harden has proven to be a very effective ball-handler.

Harden’s beard has become a part of his brand

Harden is making the most of his beard, using it to promote his brand and products. The Houston Rockets star has appeared in a variety of commercials and is the face of Papa John’s pizza. He’s also appeared in ads for Nike, BodyArmor, State Farm, and Hulu. Harden also has a $200 million deal with adidas. His beard has even become part of a Trolli commercial.

While he hasn’t shaved since he was a teenager, his beard has become a trademark. Many people associate Harden’s beard with his success as a basketball player. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The NBA player was a brand even before he sported a beard.

Harden started sporting a goatee as a freshman in college. He didn’t want to shave his head, so he grew a beard instead. His’stache coincided with a period of growth for his game, as he led the Sun Devils to a 21-13 record and first team All-Pac-10 honors.

In fact, the beard on Harden has become so popular that it has become an integral part of his brand. It has become so iconic that a special edition of the sour bite candy “Weird Beard” was created for Harden. However, the beard isn’t easy to grow. It takes patience to grow and requires regular scissor sculpting. A good barber and a lot of patience will ensure the beard looks great.

It is no secret that Harden’s beard has become incredibly popular. He has partnered with various companies and earns nearly $19 million a year in endorsements. However, it seems he’s not entirely comfortable with the idea of shaving his beard. Besides, it would cost him a lot of money.

His beard has become an extension of his image, and the Rockets have begun selling T-shirts with the image of his beard. This oversized facial hair has been such an integral part of Harden’s image that it has even inspired an artist to paint an image of him as a global icon.

Harden’s beard care regimen

James Harden’s beard care regimen is simple: he only uses beard oil on occasion. He also has a personal barber, who uses it when he gets a haircut. If you are thinking of getting a beard, you should know that it is more than simply not shaving it. You must have a beard care regimen, and you need to know how to take care of it properly.

James Harden’s beard is the best in the NBA. In 2011-2012, he played for the Oklahoma City Thunder, where his nickname “Fear the Beard” became an iconic threat. After the Thunder won the Western Conference championship, he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, and he has since cemented his reputation as a bearded style icon.

James Harden’s beard care regimen focuses on healthy, organic ingredients that help keep his beard looking great. The brand is a trusted name in men’s grooming and beard growth. The team behind the brand is passionate about bringing innovative products to the market that make a difference in beard growth. Harden is an investor in The Beard Club, and the partnership will help the Westwood-based company expand brand awareness and help men maintain their beards.

Harden’s beard is a trademark of the Philadelphia Sixers. The city is known for being friendly to beards, and Harden is no exception. The city has become the “beard capital” of the NBA, thanks to Harden and his beard. With a beard this distinctive, it’s no wonder Philadelphia has become one of the most beard-friendly cities in the country.

James Harden’s style includes a thin chin beard and a light mustache. To achieve a similar look, keep your mustache and sideburns short and manageable. Using a quality beard gel is important for maintaining a healthy beard.
Harden’s beard style

James Harden has earned the nickname ‘The Beard’ from his beard style, which he started growing around 2011. It has become one of his most distinctive features and has become an instant fashion statement. It has also been credited with bringing him great fortune, as he has been able to secure lucrative contracts thanks to his beard.

The NBA superstar is 26 years old today, and he hasn’t shaved since he was an undergrad at Arizona State. In fact, the NBA star is so afraid of shaving that he only lets his barber trim it every now and then. However, he’s never gone so far as to get a tweeze.

James Harden has won several titles for his team, and he has maintained his physical fitness. His stylish beard has been a source of inspiration for many fashion lovers. Although he used to play with no facial hair, the NBA superstar now has a beard that’s almost as good as his natural hair.

Harden’s beard style has been the source of some controversy in the past, but it’s not really that difficult to achieve. He uses a smaller clipper for this look, and he uses a one guard or two guard clipper to trim it. However, it takes a lot of precision to maintain the look. It’s best to get your beard style done by a barber who understands its unique features.

As an NBA superstar, Harden has an unmatched ability to score. His ability to score at will has earned him the 2017-18 MVP award. He was the league’s leading scorer until COVID-19 interrupted his season. Harden’s facial hair has also earned him the nickname ‘Fear the Beard.’ His beard has become a fashion statement and T-shirts with the phrase “Fear the Beard” began to appear everywhere during his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Harden’s beard has played a major role in his development as a basketball player. It has become a nickname, catchphrase, and a national brand. Harden’s beard style has also helped him land a number of high-profile relationships. He has dated Ashanti, Khole Kardashian, Malaysia Pargo, Brittany Renner, and Amber Rose.

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