There are a number of different ways to earn free Candy in Pokemon Go. This article will cover several of them, including Changing the GPS location of your iPhone to get more rare candies, Defending a Gym, and Using Pinap Berries. These tricks are simple, but can help you to receive more Candy and earn more rare items in the game.

Changing the GPS position of your iPhone to receive more rare candies

Changing the GPS location on your iPhone is a simple process that can help you get more rare candies in Pokemon Go. To do this, you must connect your iPhone to a Mac or PC with a USB cable. Next, login to your Apple ID and choose the desired location. Once this is done, your iPhone will change to the fake location.

You can use a free iPhone GPS spoofing app, called iTools, to change your iPhone’s location. You can download it from the App Store for free, but it will only work for two hours. After that, you’ll need to pay for it to continue using it. The great thing about iTools is that it doesn’t require jailbreaking your iPhone. All you have to do is connect your iPhone to your computer. From there, you can start the GPS faking process.

Using UnicTool TailorGo

If you want to get free candy for Pokemon Go, you can get it using a tool called UnicTool TailorGo. This application works by modifying the movement of your game character, mimicking the natural way you move in the game. It is safe and effective, and you can download and use it without any problems. It works on most Android and iOS smartphones, and it offers a free trial version with basic features.

If you are concerned about the safety of your privacy, this tool is the perfect option. It will hide your real location so you don’t get detected or accused of cheating. It will also allow you to spoof your location, making your identity unknown to the Pokemon Go app.

Defending a Gym

In Pokemon Go, defending a gym is a great way to gain candy. You can get up to 50 free PokeCoins for each gym you defend. This is great for your Pokemon since they tend to get tired of the same berries after a while. But you cannot place the same type of Pokemon in more than one gym. To avoid this problem, you can feed your Pokemon when they are inside a gym.

The gyms in Pokemon Go are like towers. They have a specific color and function differently than in classic Pokemon games. The team that controls the gym is shown by its color. Once the gym is defended, players can battle each other’s Pokemon.

Once you defeat an opposing team, you can give your Pokemon berries to boost their motivation. Berries of all types will boost your Pokemon’s motivation, but Nanab berries will boost it 150%. Feeding Pokemon when defending a gym will earn you XP and Stardust. Each Pokemon has a certain amount of berries that it can receive, so make sure to feed them often.

When defending a gym, you can also receive free PokeCoins. You can also use them to purchase items in the game. When you defeat a gym with a Pokemon, the game will reward you with a certain amount of items. Generally, you can collect as much as 50 PokeCoins from defending a gym.

Using Pinap Berries

One of the best ways to get free Candy in Pokemon Go is to use Pinap Berries. These berries will give your Pokemon a double amount of Candy when you next capture it. The more of these berries you have, the more Candy you will have and the faster you will evolve.

You can earn more Pinap berries by exchanging them with other players. You can do this by visiting Gyms or Pokestops. When you visit a gym, you can spin the photo disc and receive items. When you receive a free item, it is worth it to trade it with someone.

If you’re unable to purchase Pinap berries from the store, you can also buy them through the Mystery Boxes. Mystery Boxes will give you a random amount of berries, but they aren’t guaranteed to contain them. You can also get them by completing Research Tasks, but these aren’t always easy to complete.

Razz berries and Pinap berries have different effects. Razz berries increase your chance of catching Pokemon, while Pinap berries double the amount of Candy you earn when you capture a Pokemon. However, Razz berries are much better than Pinap berries. Razz berries and Pinap berry are more effective when used together.

Using Lures

If you want to earn free candy in Pokemon Go, you must know how to use lures. These lures look like incense and draw Pokemon to a specific location. You can also use them to host a lure party. These parties are great for attracting a large group of players to a particular pokestop.

You can purchase lures in the in-game store for 180 PokeCoins. You can also earn more Coins by participating in events and completing Gym dominance. During events, Niantic might even give away some Lures. Another good way to get Lures is to check the free gifts section of the in-game store. These gifts can include Potions, Balls, and Lures.

You can also buy Rainy Lure Modules from the in-game shop. Rainy Lure Modules can attract Water, Bug, and Electric-type Pokemon to PokeStops. You can also use Rainy Lure Module to evolve Goomy into Goodra or Sliggoo.

You can also purchase Magnetic Lure Modules to find certain Pokemon. These are important to evolve Pokemon. Magneton and Nosepass require Magnetic Lure Modules to evolve. To evolve these Pokemon, you must place lures near their locations. If you have enough candy, you can evolve them into their final forms.

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