If you’re looking to get a gold claw in Skyrim, you can start by going to the Forelhost tomb. This tomb contains a Nordic puzzle door, and the claw you need is at the foot of the door. Once you find the claw, read the inscription on the claw to find the solution to the puzzle. At one time, dragons ruled Skyrim with an iron fist, and fanatical priests worshiped them. Many of these priests are undead, but you can find their remains at this tomb.

Emerald Dragon Claw

The Emerald Dragon Claw is an item that players can find in Skyrim. This item is required for the second puzzle door in the game. This item can be obtained by searching for a dead adventurer on the island. Once you have the emerald dragon claw, you can proceed to the next room.

The Emerald Dragon Claw is one of two types of dragon claws, each with different uses. The first is used to open the gates of the Skyrim Citadel, while the second one is used to open doors. The Emerald Claw can be found in a tomb near the entrance to Reachwater Rock, while the Diamond Claw is found on a Draugr in Skuldafn. This item can also be sold for a coin, or used as a decoration.

The second Dragon Claw is obtained from the chest in the north. It is a rare item, but can be found in the north-south passage. It can also be found in a Nordic tomb. The Emerald Dragon Claw and the Ivory Dragon Claw are used in quests to obtain the Gauldur Amulet, and they can both become bugged. You should be aware that both the Emerald Dragon Claw and the Ivory Claw can disappear from your inventory, so be sure to keep your eye open for them.

The Sapphire Dragon Claw is another useful item in Skyrim. This item is useful in clearing the Shroud Hearth Barrow dungeon, but it can be difficult to find and use. If you do find one, you can sell it or use it in quests. It can also be used in crafting.

The Emerald Dragon Claw can be obtained in a couple of different ways. The first is through Valdar’s quest, which requires you to travel to various locations in Skyrim. Once you have the claw, you can then read the inscription on it. In the past, dragons ruled Skyrim with an iron fist, and the dragons were worshipped by fanatical priests. Some of these priests are still alive, and many of them are now undead. You can also visit the Forelhost tomb to find the tomb of Rahgot, who ordered a mass ritual suicide.

Another method of obtaining the Emerald Dragon Claw is by performing a quest called “The Golden Claw” in Skyrim. To do this, you need to visit Lucan Valerius in Riverwood. The Golden Claw can also be found on Arvel the Swift, who is trapped in a spider’s web. If you free him, he will flee when attacked by draugr. If you loot his corpse, you can return it to Lucan for a reward. Alternatively, you can visit Wilhelm in Ivarstead, where he believes a ghost from nearby Shroud Hearth Barrow haunts the village at night.

The Emerald Dragon Claw can also be obtained by killing a spectral in Ivarstead. This is a part of the Forbidden Legend quest, which starts with the Lost Legends book. Once you’ve found the Emerald Dragon Claw, you can use the other two to unlock the unique half-claw lock.

Amethyst Dragon Claw

Amethyst Dragon Claw is an item that can be used to fend off the demon Draugr Deathlord. It is found in the Dragon Shout Wall. In order to obtain this item, the hero must go through two stages. The first is a simple quest, which requires him to kill the Draugr Deathlord. The second stage requires him to defeat the Dragon Shout Wall boss.

After completing the quest, the player must defeat a deathlord near the Word Wall. This will give them the right half of the Amethyst Claw. After defeating the deathlord, the player will then have to find a word, which will grant them the claw.

The Amethyst Dragon Claw is a type of claw found in Skyrim. It is found in two pieces during the Lost Legacy quest. The other half is used to unlock the cage inside Vahlok’s Tomb. It can also be looted from the bosses at the Southern and Northern Gates.

This item is an extremely important one for Skyrim. Having a claw is crucial for unlocking dungeons and completing quests. Its value is 500 Gold, but the actual value will depend on your Speech skill. Once you have the claw, you can sell it to a merchant.

Ivory Dragon Claw

The Ivory Dragon Claw is an item that is found on the corpse of Daynas Valen in the village of Folgunthur. The claw is useful for opening several doors, including the treasure room at Folgunthur Crypt. However, you must get this item before exploring Folgunthur.

To get the Ivory Dragon Claw in Skyrim, you must first complete a quest that involves the ancient dragon god Rahgot. This quest is part of the Forbidden Legend quest that begins when you have the Lost Legends book. The quest isn’t difficult, but it will require you to collect several items.

In the first room, if you have the Ivory Dragon Claw, you can open a concealed door. Inside, there is a chest that is locked. Using the Ivory Dragon Claw will let you open it. You can also use it to open a chest that was locked by an apprentice.

The Emerald Dragon Claw is another weapon that is easily obtained in Skyrim. This item is found on a pedestal next to the body of the Adventurer. This item is important to unlock a valuable treasure in Yngol’s Barrow. You will also need to search for Valthume, a Nordic tomb. The Valthume is home to the charismatic Dragon Priest Hevnoraak. It is also home to the legendary spirit of Valdar, which can be used as a weapon or for crafting.

The Iron Dragon Claw is also a quest item that you need to get to complete the Forbidden Legend quest. The Iron Dragon Claw can be found in the ancient Nordic tomb of Valthume. It is on a pedestal in the first room of the quest. Once you remove the claw from its pedestal, it will awaken a few Draugr. However, you cannot discard it until you have completed the Forbidden Legend quest.

Once you have obtained the Golden Dragon Claw, you can return it to Lucan for a reward. You can also steal the Golden Claw from Arvel the Swift’s body by freeing him from a spider’s web. Arvel will try to flee if you attack him, but you can steal his golden claw from his corpse and return it to Lucan for a reward of 2,000 gold. You can also visit the barkeep Wilhelm in Ivarstead and speak to him. The local barkeep believes that a ghost from nearby Shroud Hearth Barrow haunts the village at night.

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