The drone is an indispensable weapon for players in Watch Dogs 2. This aircraft is a valuable addition to your arsenal, allowing you to survey enemy camps from the air and spy on buildings for potential hacking points. To buy this weapon, you must first have enough cash in your account. Luckily, you can find money bags in enemy camps and pawn them for money. This money can be used for many things, including gun camos and clothes for Marcus.


One of the most useful items in Watch Dogs 2 is a quadcopter. It can help you find and access keys and solve mini-games based on bypassing the network. However, it can’t pick up items – you will need to get them on foot or with a jumper.

The quadcopter can be upgraded with a variety of skills. For instance, you can upgrade it with a proximity scanner, which will make it easier to mark characters when scouting. You can also equip remote gadgets with attack abilities, such as stun charges and explosives. Another good option is to give your quadcopter a speed boost skill, which will allow it to move faster.

In Watch Dogs 2, there are 24 Key Data Locations. Finding them will earn you a Researcher trophy and achievement. These locations can be found on the map and in-game. Once you have all of them, you can buy certain upgrades. You can also use your quadcopter to scan the area for important data.

The quadcopter is one of the two new devices in Watch Dogs 2. It is available early in the game, but it is expensive. Depending on how much money you have, it may be worth spending some of your money on it. The drone also has a Proximity Scanner that works like the eagle vision from Assassin’s Creed, highlighting enemies and key objects. This is especially useful if you are in a stealth situation.


A drone can be an amazing weapon in Watch Dogs 2. There are many different uses for this item, and it can be used in many different situations. Some of these purposes include reconnaissance or securing well-hidden secrets. However, you must remember that a drone must be recharged, so you may want to use it sparingly. Luckily, there are ways to upgrade it.

A drone will allow you to survey enemy camps from the air and even hack buildings. As a result, it is an essential item for Marcus, so make sure you save up money and use it wisely. It is possible to buy the drone with money bags found on the world map, and a pawn shop will also accept any items you steal from enemies.

One way to upgrade your drone is to upgrade its weaponry. You can make it shoot multiple explosives. You can also upgrade its ability to be more durable. It is important to note that drones can be destroyed, and destroying them will trigger reactions from NPCs. For more information, you can check out the drone animation.

Another way to improve your drone’s capabilities is to purchase a Quadcopter. The quadcopter is more flexible than the Jumper, and it can fly over perimeter gates. It also can fly into open windows and can sneak around obstacles. This feature is useful for reconnaissance missions. The quadcopter can also help you spy on enemies.

RC car

In Watch Dogs 2, you can purchase a RC car to use for various purposes. This car will allow you to kill enemies and will come in handy during missions. However, it is not easy to get your hands on one. First, you have to get fifteen Militia contracts. You can do this by completing a certain mission.

The RC jumper vehicle will be useful for exploring the world of Watch Dogs 2. It is also very useful for hunting for the first unique vehicle. Once you find it, you will unlock the achievement called A Ride to Remember. This vehicle is found in the Marin Area, near a blue tent on a dirt road.

The Dangerzone is a beautiful car. It is very fast and has good acceleration. However, it is not very durable. This car will require you to be careful when driving it, because it is not made to last long. This vehicle is also the most expensive and requires a high level of skills to drive it.

Hacking options

You can hack drones in Watch Dogs 2 for a variety of purposes. You can use them to scout the area, kill enemies, or even keep operatives alive. The drones are extremely useful, especially in the permadeath mode. In addition, hacking drones also helps you get more money to buy upgrades.

There are two types of drones that you can use in Watch Dogs. One is an aerial drone, which can scout out the area below. The other is a small rolling robot. The former is useful for scouting, and the latter is good for targeting enemies.

Despite the fact that drones are optional in Watch Dogs 2, they’re essential for progress. By using them, you can access new locations and collectibles. It can also help you complete mission objectives, earn Tech Points, and unlock bonus drone hack skills. Aside from the drone, you can also purchase weapons. While they’re not as important as a drone, weapons are optional in Watch Dogs 2 – you can buy them from fallen enemies or buy them from shops.

You can also hack cars and drones with the proximity scanner. This will let you detect enemies even through walls and is particularly useful in large buildings. Another hacking option for drones is called Steady Aim, which allows you to increase the range of your stun gun. The Quadcopter is one of the first items that you can buy at the DeadSec 3D printing station, and it’s extremely useful for scouting the enemies’ bases.


In Watch Dogs 2, there are several ways to improve your drones. These include proximity scanners, remote gadgets, and speed boosts. A proximity scanner is useful for tagging enemy units and a remote gadget will give your drone offensive capabilities. These drones can drop surprise items and explosives without the risk of confrontation.

The drones are a great way to sneak through a mission and make quick getaways. You can also use them to make money, which will unlock more drones. This allows you to buy more drones, which means more money to spend on upgrades. You can also customize your drones by changing their appearance and abilities.

Hacking drones is another way to increase your drones’ abilities. You can use these hacks to take down enemy drones. The hacking ability can be unlocked by unlocking upgrades for it. Just aim at a drone and you will see a menu pop up.

A drone can also be upgraded to shoot multiple explosives. You can also use a taser gun to disable drones. You can also use a grenade launcher to damage enemies that are not nearby. While guns are not incredibly important in Watch Dogs 2, drones can be very useful for taking down enemies.

Research Upgrades are important for your character. They will increase your capabilities as a hacker, combatant, and survivor. As you progress through the game, you will be able to change your playstyle to match your character’s unique skills and abilities.

Buying a drone

Buying a drone is a must-have item in Watch Dogs 2. It allows you to scout enemy camps from the air and survey buildings for potential hacking points. You can only purchase it once you have enough cash. To make money, you can find money bags throughout the world map, or sell enemies’ items to pawn shops. Money is also useful for buying clothes and gun camos.

The drone can be upgraded to shoot multiple explosives. It can also be destroyed and re-deployed after a cooldown period. Another interesting feature is that if you place a drone in the field of vision of NPCs, they will react to it. The drone can fold up to be more compact when not in use. This feature may be inspired by the Ryze Tello drone.

The quadcopter is the first gadget Marcus Holloway unlocks in Watch Dogs 2. It costs him $67,500. You can use this drone to sneak up on enemies and hack things that you can see. It can also detect when you are too far away from enemies and alert you with an audible sound.

Another key feature of the drone is that it can help Marcus complete mini-games that rely on a network bypass. Using it to find access keys is another great way to get around the world in Watch Dogs 2. You can also use it to perform various activities such as solving mini-games.

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