The first thing that you need to do when fighting the green lightning balls that Thunderblight Ganon uses is keep your shield up. This will allow you to block his attacks even if he moves quickly. Eventually, you’ll learn when to parry his attack with your shield and how to time your backflips to land on top of the green lightning balls. Another tip for dealing with these green lightning balls is to use a technique called Perfect Guard, which will allow you to perform a Flurry Rush.

Urbosa’s Fury

Urbosa’s Fury is a special move that summons a lightning strike around you. It can be used at any time and is effective against the Thunderblight Ganon’s attacks. This spell can be recharged quickly as well.

Urbosa’s Fury can knock down Ganon and disable the invincibility he has. The best way to use this attack is to have at least 50% HP. After that, you can cast Stasis + to prevent the monster from moving.

In order to use this attack, you must bring Thunderblight Ganon down to half health. You can avoid the glowing lightning orbs by performing special moves. If you are able to dodge the flashes, it will be easier to kill him.

After defeating the Thunderblight Ganon, you can complete the Champion Urbosa’s Song quest. To do this, you must complete the three “Urbosa’s Song” shrines. When you get to the Divine Beast, you will have a limited inventory, but you can equip two weapons and two shields. Use one of your weapons and shields on the Thunderblight Ganon, but make sure to parry its attacks and avoid the laser. As you progress through the quest, you’ll gain new abilities and learn more about Urbosa.

The second boss of Elder Scrolls VI is Thunderblight Ganon. Despite being much different than the first boss, he is still the same type of enemy. Thunderblight Ganon uses subpar equipment and attacks the player more frequently than normal. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same strategies as the first one to beat the boss.

Rubber armor set

If you are unable to defeat Thunderblight Ganon with normal armor, you can get the Rubber Armor set. This set grants the player unshockable buff and makes the fight much easier. This armor set is obtained through a side quest from a shrine located in Ridgeland or Faron.

In the original game, the battle with Thunderblight Ganon was quite annoying, but it has become even more frustrating since the introduction of the rubber armor set. It is recommended to have a complete set of rubber armor to be able to survive the fight. This armor set offers Level 3 shock resistance, which is important for this boss. You can also get the helm from the Thunder Magnet quest. Rubber Tights and Armor are also available in the A Song of Storms quest.

If you don’t want to get a rubber armor set, you can always equip a metal shield. This shield will prevent any electrical attacks from harming you. Alternatively, you can use an Elemental arrow to take down the Electric Boss faster. You can also use slow-mo arrow aiming for this battle.

When fighting Thunderblight Ganon, you should keep your shield raised as much as possible. You will need to use a shield in order to block Thunderblight Ganon’s lightning attacks, and having a high shield will allow you to dodge more of his attacks. You can also use elixirs and food to increase your resistance to lightning. Also, the Hearty Durians guide will give you twenty extra hearts, which is useful for fighting the boss.

Enhanced Desert Voe armor set

Using the Enhanced Desert Voe armor set is the best way to beat Thunderblight Ganon in Skyrim. This set of armor grants you a boost to speed and armor damage. It also summons Stal enemies. Although this set can be very effective against Ganon, it is also very expensive. However, it’s definitely worth the money.

First, it’s important to know that Ganon has many parallels with the Divine Beasts and Champions. They’re designed to outclass their opponents, and they use similar fighting styles and weapons. Their only difference is that they’re created to beat a specific Champion. Link, on the other hand, throws a curveball.

While Calamity Ganon has died multiple times throughout the games, he’s still at risk of getting Killed Off For Real. However, the Japanese version reverses this, making him capable of never dying. During the game, Zelda can use her stall skills to stall him for 100 years.

Gerudo Town has large walls surrounding it, and is surrounded by dangerous desert. It’s also home to the Yiga clan, which may harbor grudges against Ganon. Because of the dangers, it’s not recommended for males to enter.

Sword swings

The best way to deal with Thunderblight Ganon is to get his attention and attack as quickly as possible. When Ganon attacks, he’ll start throwing arcs of electricity and will cause damage to anyone who’s near them. It’s best to try to keep your distance, because these arcs will cause your character to take damage and drop items.

You can also use lightning orbs to damage Ganon. You can also use your sword to knock him down. Having a strong weapon will help you knock him out and use the opportunity to attack him. If you’re close to him, you can equip Magnesis and make it easier to swing your sword.

Thunderblight Ganon will also drop stakes into the ground. These stakes deal heavy damage. You can use your Magnesis ability to knock down the stakes before they disappear, or use a sword swing to knock it down from a high angle. If you can get close enough to Thunderblight Ganon, you can use your Magnesis to electrocute him.

One of the most effective weapons against Ganon is the master sword. When you hit him with your sword, you can cause him to become stunned, which allows you to use more attacks to stun him. You can also use a shield to deal more damage to Ganon.

Avoiding retaliation

Avoiding retaliation while beating Thunderblight Ganon is one of the most important things to remember in the game. Ganon is fast and doesn’t give you much time to wind up his attacks. While you can use heavy weapons to defeat him, you will have to put in more effort and fight harder than with lighter weapons. You should attempt to take his health to half before entering his second phase.

Thunderblight Ganon’s attacks are extremely powerful. His lightning and teleportation attack will cause a huge amount of damage. You should aim to avoid getting hit by these attacks by holding up your shield. This will prevent the lightning from getting charged and can give you a chance to dodge it.

It is important to keep your distance and stay out of his line of sight while attacking. The attack that he launches will result in knocking you down to the ground. You should avoid being hit by the lightning and attack from a distance. If you are unable to dodge it, try to dash away. This will allow you to start an attack from a different angle.

You may want to move to higher ground if you are facing Thunderblight Ganon from below. It will be easier to hit him with your pike if you’re on higher ground. When you do, be careful not to stand too close to the spikes of Thunderblight because they will be electrified.

Taking down Ganon’s shield

Taking down Ganon’s shield is a key element to surviving the fight. It can cause you to lose some health, so you must be patient and use your weapon and shield to your advantage. You should also make use of arrows and a strong weapon to speed up the fight. If you are able to capitalize on the opportunities that arise, you should be able to take down Ganon in no time.

First of all, you need to avoid his attacks. While Ganon has a few different patterns for his attacks, flurry rushes are best. While a Master Sword is a good weapon to use to perfect-guard against laser beam attacks, you can also use an ice arrow to chip away at his health and stop him from using the Master Sword.

As you approach him, remember that you can’t attack him directly if he’s wearing a shield. You can also make use of Calamity Ganon’s special attack, which will make him throw a spear. However, you should avoid damaging his fire shield.

Another key to taking down Ganon’s shield is to use a Master Sword or a one-handed sword. You can also use a Boomerang to defeat the first form of the creature. This will break any strings that hold it up.

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